Kung Fu recording


Andrew recorded two tracks of real piano for Jonathon at St. Giles in the Field, a church in Covent Garden, London.

Thanks to Source Distribution for helping with the equipment.
See the video on their site, or at where you can find out more about Jonathon Holder & the Good Thinking.


Model Society

MODEL SOCIETY - New Single Out Now!

Model Society’s new single'Valentine' is out 28-11-2014

'VALENTINE' was produced, engineered and mixed by Andrew and is OUT NOW!




After plenty of consideration deciding which producer she wanted to work with on her debut EP, Andrew was delighted that Californian artist Hazel Iris chose him.

“She’s so talented. She has such a sensitive understanding of music, I love it.” said Andrew.

Recording started at his own studio in July and will continue into the Autumn.

“I chose Andrew, as I was so impressed at how he manages to give the different bands and artists he works with a completely individual sound. They all sound so different from each other. The fact that they were all so singular, despite working with one producer was hugely encouraging! He’s also such an asset as he plays pretty much every instrument. He’s playing drums, bass, guitar, percussion, you name it! I chose damn well.” Hazel Iris.


GRACE - Remote Control

Andrew has known Grace for some time. He mentored her on a project for O2 in 2012. Since then she has developed so much as an artist and really defined who she is musically.

To top things off, her tracks were co-written and produced by non other than Jonathon Holder!

Throughout the project Andrew’s opinions were constantly sought, sometimes in his studio and sometimes remotely - so much so that he earned the credit ‘Additional Production’.

When it came to the end of the project Grace and Jonathon were having trouble finding the right mix engineer. They knew what they had in their heads and knew they had recorded all the necessary parts but after trying several mix engineers they didn’t feel the mixes were conveying the tracks as they intended.

Andrew agreed, so mixed one track for them to see if he could capture what they were after. They were so happy that they commissioned him to mix another four!

Cassandra Kotchie


Cassandra came to Andrew as she felt she needed a little help defining what she was trying to achieve as a solo artist.

Writing on a piano can sometimes be a little too open for an artist who isn’t already developed. One of Andrew’s fortes is helping the artist realise their vision.

When asked about the experience Cassandra said, “I’ve really enjoyed working with Andrew. It’s been about more than just making a great record. There has been almost more time invested in developing me as an artist as there has been in the track. I think it’s amazing how much care he puts in the whole way through the process to make sure the end result is something to be proud of. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

The Voice


As the summer of 2014 approached, Andrew was contacted by Frances Wood (the Voice) to see if he’d consider a writing session.

It didn’t take much thought but at the time Andrew was mid session with Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking.

Rather than let this be a problem Frances and Andrew simply asked Jonathon to join in too!

The session was great, hopefully you’ll get to hear the results very soon!

Drums in the barn


Most of Jonathon’s EP was written and recorded ‘together in one room’ and as soon as something special was happening everyone moved into the studio and got it down there and then in a couple of takes

Unfortunately there was no drummer in these sessions, so the unusual decision was made to add the drums last.

After auditioning a few session drummers, Jonathon felt that Andrew had the best sound and feel for the tracks. So Andrew got behind the kit.

“I’m not the greatest drummer but I’m ok,” he said. “I think it helped as I’d co-written the tracks and played bass on them, so I think I had a good idea what was needed.”

Drum rehearsals took place in a barn in the Midlands (pictured) before making a local Sports and Social Club home for the recordings.


Lost All Interest


Ambassadors of Morocco’s new single 'LOST ALL INTEREST' is out 28-04-2014.

'LOST ALL INTEREST' is A.O.M.’s fifth single and was once again produced, engineered and mixed by Andrew Hunt.
Commenting on the release, Andrew said "It’s a great single. I hope we can keep on working together as our relationship just gets better I think."


Hot Mangos with mic


The emphasis is on ‘capturing performance’, that's the approach Andrew wanted to take for the Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking EP.

To fully push this way of working, the backing vocals were done in groups. Starting with four male voices (Jonathon and Andrew being two of these) the backing vocals were completed by four female voices.
The group was put together by Andrew and during the session they managed to earn themselves the name ‘The Hot Mango’s’ (pictured L-R: Grace, Jasnett Lindo, Sarah Starr, Cassandra Kotchie).
Talking about his approach Andrew said “The mic responds differently to four people harmonising than it does when you record individuals. It means everyone has to be on form. If one person isn’t on it, that’s the take ruined. Thankfully everyone was! I’d have loved to have got all eight singers in one room together but unfortunately everyone’s calendars didn’t make it possible – next time!”


Working with Mod Soc

MODEL SOCIETY - Urchin Studios

After working closely on a period preproduction both in rehearsal rooms and in Andrew’s own studio, East London's Urchin Studios was chosen for the recording of Model Society’s single.

Due to a period of changing line up, Andrew stepped in on bass.

"Urchin is a great studio. We really liked the room, we felt really comfortable and that's exactly what you need to be able to do we you do. ANdrew is brilliant to work with, he really gets the best out of the track and what's needed. Great he's brilliant on bass too!!" said Dan Clare of Model Society.

Once the main tracking has been completed the band will return to Andrew’s for vocals and overdubs.


Jonathon Holder St Giles


Continuing with the recording of Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking’s debut EP, March saw Jonathon and Andrew set up camp in St. Giles in the Field, a church in the centre of Covent Garden, London.

“I wanted to get the most out of Jonathon’s performance on a piano and after looking at loads of studios and locations Jonathon felt this one was right for him” says Andrew. “The session was a great success. We set up a mobile rig with an API desk and added to it with my favourite outboard and of course, Jonathon performed as brilliantly as ever.”




It’s been a busy time for Andrew as 2013 comes to a close. Work continues writing with Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking and two new projects are secured for the New Year.

After completing an EP, four piece band Model Society, who take their influences from post punk and Brit Pop have decided to work with Andrew on a new single. Alongside this, Andrew will also be working with Australian artist Cassandra Kotchie.
It looks like there’ll be an exciting year ahead.


A O Morocco


AMBASSADORS OF MOROCCO’S new single ‘A O Morocco’ is out now!!

Released on Monday 28th October 2013, the band’s fourth single was once again produced, engineered and mixed by Andrew Hunt.
Andrew has worked with AOM consistently throughout their career, producing every release to date from the band.
Having recently toured Europe the band returned to their hometown - London to launch the new single.




Andrew has once again been selected to be a prestigious member of the BRIT’s Voting Academy, for the fifth year running.

Voting will commences on Wednesday 4th December and the results will be televised at the Awards ceremony in February 2014.


Jonathon Holder


After writing and recording what was only planned to be a one off single (earlier in the year) the Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking project has now expanded to a five track EP.

Jonathon wasted no time in returning to Andrew for his writing and production skills.
Andrew took J right back to his ‘old school roots’ writing the rest of the EP with Jonathon on keys, Andrew on bass and demo-ing the remaining tracks using a 4 track portastudio, rather than any computer based system.
Talking about the experience, Jonathon said, “It was brilliant. A really good call by Andrew! It was great to work without those kind of distractions that technology can sometimes bring and focus purely on the sound of the songs and music.”



ALEXA - a Starr in the making?!

Andrew had a great couple of sessions this summer co-writing two tracks with rising star, Alexa Starr.

Alexa is tipped to be ‘one to watch’ for the future. She is currently working with a variety of writers and producers as she develops herself towards a debut release.


Scrimshire - Bright

SCRIMSHIRE - Bight - out now!

Scrimshire’s new album – ‘Bight’ is out now!

“Bight, a loop in rope or line—a hitch or knot tied on the bight is one tied in the middle of a rope, without access to the ends.”

'Released on Monday 27th May, Scrimshire’s highly anticipated third opus, “Bight”, exemplifies progressions made both as a singer-songwriter and producer, pushing forward from his acclaimed second album, “The Hollow”. It’s an album replete with references to one man’s love for the deep blue sea, songs about being adrift and conversely “Beached”.'
Andrew recorded the strings for the tracks Drift (Part One) and Drift (Part Two). Commenting on the release he said, “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Adam, very talented and a really nice guy too! I only wish I could have done more! I’m so happy for him.”

You can download ‘Bight’ from iTunes here:




AMBASSADORS OF MOROCCO’S new single, 'Loosen Up', was released on Monday (March 11th, 2013).

This is the their third single and the third release produced and engineered by Andrew Hunt.
Once again, the band felt happiest having Andrew see things right through to the end, mixing the track as well.
You can download ‘Loosen Up’ from iTunes:
The band strengthened their relationship with Andrew even further recently by getting him involved in writing sessions for their next studio session. Very exciting!




As February ended and the March hares came, Andrew had the exciting experience of working in a team, with Grammy winner's Jimmy Hogarth and Cameron Craig, on a project for Kid Gloves.

‘On most of the projects I’m involved with, I am the producer, the engineer and quite often one of the writers or musicians too, so it was an exciting change to work in a team with such heavyweights,’ said Andrew of the experience.
Kid Gloves is an independent label set up by Jimmy Hogarth in conjunction with Universal Records.



MPG AWARDS 2013 - the 5th year!

The industry came together once again this February, at London’s Café de Paris to celebrate the achievements and contributions of recording professionals. And what a night it turned out to be!

This year a total of 18 Awards were presented!
Paul Epworth (pictured centre) received the Producer of the Year Award, which is a double MPG and BRIT Award.
Other recipient’s were Sir George Martin, for Outstanding Contribution to UK Music, Glyn Johns for Inspiration, Bjork for Innovation, Alan Moulder (mix engineer), Danger Mouse (International Producer) and Charlie Andrew (Breakthrough Producer for his work with Alt-J). With Tchad Blake winning International Engineer of the Year and Richard Russell (XL Recordings) winning the new A&R Award, the night was a spectacular affair.
Lauren Laverne hosted the evening, in the presence of Awards presenters and attendees, Bill Wyman, Mark Ronson, Martina Topley-Bird, Jake Gosling, Andrew Hunt, Geoff Taylor, Rowena Morgan, Russ Hughes, John Leckie, Tom Morris, Mick Glossop, Tony Platt, Steve Levine, Tommy D, Janice Long, Simon Gogerly, Mike Howlett, Phil Harding, Giles Martin, Lady Martin, Crispin Murray, George Shilling, Ray Staff…… and the list goes on….


Jonathon Holder


Following a very successful writing session at the start of the year, no time was spared getting straight into the studio to record.

Andrew put together ‘The Good Thinking’, Jonathon’s new backing band, which of course included himself and Craig Davies.
The first single by ‘Jonathon Holder and The Good Thinking’ is planned for release later this year.


Dean St MPG Awards 2013 judging

MPG AWARDS 2013 - judgment day

Once again, a panel of over 20 producers, engineers, artists, broadcasters and journalists came together to cast their votes for the 2013 MPG Awards.

This year the procedure was hosted at Dean Street Studios in London’s Soho.
Amongst those in attendance were radio dj’s Zane Lowe, John Kennedy and Janice Long, producers and engineers Mick Glossop, Andrew Hunt, Tony Platt, Steve Levine and Cenzo Townsend.
The shortlist was of an extremely high standard this year with producer Jake Gossling (Ed Sheeran and Paloma Faith) appearing in several categories across the board. Others on the shortlists included Jack White and Danger Mouse (in the international category) with Jamie xx, Bjork, Paul Epworth, Unkle and Damon Albarn to name but a few.


Jonathon Holder


After meeting on the O2 project last year and immediately hitting it off, the immensely talented Jonathon Holder has teamed up with Andrew to co-write and produce his debut EP.

2013 kicked off to a creative start for Andrew, in writing sessions with Jonathon and the exceptional talent of Craig Davies (guitarist – Deneuve, Salamanda, Celluloid and Tough Love).




As 2012 drew to a close, Andrew had the unexpected pleasure of engineering for the extremely talented, writer/producer, Scrimshire.

Scrimshire (Adam) was coming to the closing stages of his third album, ‘Bight’ but felt something was missing on a couple of tracks, namely strings. Normally recording everything himself, it was an unexpected pleasure for Andrew, when Adam approached him to engineer the strings session.
You can hear the results for yourself when the album is released in 2013.


APRS 2012


Andrew was overjoyed to be asked by Source Distribution to attend the 2012 APRS Fellowship Awards, as their guest. Source Distribution, who represent RODE, Genelec and API, were sponsoring the Awards this year.

The lunch, hosted by Sir George and Lady Martin was a tremendous affair. Recipients this year included Pete Townsend, Dave Gilmour and legendary (Michael Jackson) engineer Bruce Swedien.
Along with representatives from the sponsors Andrew (pictured centre) was joined at his table by fellow engineer/producers John Leckie, Guy Massey and Tom Morris.


Bris 2013


For the fourth consecutive year Andrew has had the privilege of being a member of the BRIT’s Voting Academy.

Although voting commences later this year, the results will not be announced until the Awards ceremony is televised in February 2013.




October saw Andrew working on an amazing initiative co-ordinated by O2.

The project, fronted by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stevens, sought to create a band of emerging British talent between the ages of 16 and 25. Those selected had the amazing experience of touring the UK with Rita Ora, Tinchy Strider, The Noisettes and The Mystery Jets.
Andrew, along with Grammy winning producer Simon Gogerly, was asked to develop the band both in the rehearsal room as well as in the studio, so that they were a fully formed unit able to tour with such an array of high profile artists.



EMMA STEVENS - in the mix

After a few great recording sessions with Emma, the time has come to mix the tracks.

Andrew commented on the experience, “Emma is simply a pleasure to work with. She’s so very talented and between the two of us we pretty much played everything on the two tracks. The mixes are sounding great too, we’re really happy with them!”


Lipa logo

LIPA MENTOR - for a third year

Now in it’s third year of inception, the MPG awarded its graduate prize to the student who has shown the most exceptional talent, initiative, commitment and consideration to the art of Music Recording and Production from LIPA's Sound Technology degree course.

This year, the Award was presented to Guy Clarke by MPG Chairman, Steve Levine, in the presence of Sir Paul McCartney and once again Andrew has accepted the honour of mentoring Guy, along with fellow mentors Mick Glossop, Steve Levine and Tony Platt.




As the summer approaches Andrew is delighted to start work producing singer/songwriter Emma Stevens.

Emma was bought her first guitar at the age of 3!
After graduating from The Academy of Contemporary Music she started to build her career. Over the years she has been a session musician for fiN., H-Boogie and Ronit & The Aramingo’s. Touring worldwide with bands such as The Kooks, Mona, Feeder and Incubus.
Through all of this, Emma has built up her own very unique approach – a combination of music and art. She is currently working on a body of 4 EP’s, to embrace the emotions and experiences of her journey so far.
Andrew is over the moon to be asked to work on two tracks from this very interesting body of work.


MPG Awards 2012

THE MPG AWARDS 2012 - what an industry celebration!

The fourth Music Producers Guild Awards, which took place in February, was another resounding success.

Industry VIPs flocked to London’s Cafe de Paris to honour and celebrate the enormous contribution that recording professionals make to the music industry. Attendees included artists Mark Ronson, Huey Morgan and Hazel O’Connor and producers Steve Levine, Mick Glossop, Andrew Hunt and Tony Platt.
This year, Producer of the Year - which also earns its winner a BRIT Award for Best Producer - went to Ethan Johns (pictured) for his work with Laura Marlin (also pictured).
Other recipients included Butch Vig, Flood, Steve Lillywhite, Martin Mills and Jamie xx.



JUDGING THE MPG AWARDS 2012 - Friday 13th!!

Is Friday 13th lucky for some? Well let’s hope so, as that was the date of the judging for the Music Producers Guild Awards this year.

A panel of over 20 producers, artists, broadcasters and journalists came together at Air Studios on January, Friday 13th to cast their final votes on the MPG Awards 2012. This year Andrew was delighted to be asked to join the panel. Bernard Butler, Andy Gill, Tony Platt, Mick Glossop, Green Gartside, Jim Abbiss, Janice Long, Nemone and Gareth Jones were amongst the other attendees.
The MPG Awards celebrates the work of producers, engineers, mix engineers, in fact all those involved in recorded music. After healthy debate in each category, the anonymous votes were cast.
The results will be announced at the Awards ceremony on February 16th at London’s Café de Paris.


After the success of their first two singles (Wikipedea and Never Imagine This), London based four-piece, Ambassadors of Morocco, chose to team up with Andrew once again to record their debut EP.

The EP will show off some of their great new material as well as a fantastic take on a classic.
Andrew wanted to record the tracks in a studio with lots of character, to really capture the bands energy. So this time, it was ‘all aboard’ as they set sail on ‘Lightship 95’, the floating studio, literally, on a ship in London’s famous Docklands.
‘It was a good job nobody got sea sick!’ said Andrew after the two-day session, just before Christmas (2011). ‘I’ve never recorded on a ship before – it was a great experience. You really get focused. It enhances the feeling of being isolated but at the same time adds real excitement - exactly what I wanted’.
The Ambassadors of Morocco plan to release their debut EP in the spring of 2012.

BRIT's - Another year as a members of the BRIT's Voting Academy

As another year comes to an end Andrew is delighted to be asked to continue his privileged relationship with the BPI, returning once again as a member of the Brit’s Voting Academy. ‘This is my third year now as a member of the Voting Academy. It’s such a privilege to keep being asked – it’s a real honour.’

The 2012 Brit Awards will be televised in February.


AMBASSADORS OF MOROCCO - New Single - Never Imagine This

AMBASSADORS OF MOROCCO’S new single Never Imagine This was released on Monday (September 19th, 2011), the second single from the guitar-led indie-pop band.

Following a summer of sold-out shows and festivals the Ambassadors of Morocco’s single Never Imagine This was once again produced and engineered by Music Producers’ Guild Director, Andrew Hunt, this time Andrew saw things through right to the end, mixing the track as well.

After the success of their first single Wikipedea, their second, Never Imagine This won’t disappoint.
You can download Never Imagine This from iTunes:
…from Amazon:
…or see the Never Imagine This video via the official youtube link:



Andrew was over the moon work with one of the UK finest saxophonists, two times MOBO Award winner, YolanDa Brown.
Whilst writing for her debut album “April Showers, May Flowers”, YolanDa had a desire to start expressing herself vocally and take a step to the side from her jazz roots. She came to Andrew to work on exploring new musical territories.
“This summer was a great, YolanDa and I don’t live that far away from each other, so she’d pop down to my studio whenever she could and we’d lock ourselves away writing tunes – she’s got such a fun personality that I really wanted her to express in the tracks – we’ll see what happens!? It’s good so far!”
Lipa logo

LIPA - MPG Graduate Award Mentor

The Music Producers Guild (UK) awarded its second graduate prize at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. The prize is awarded annually to the graduate student who has shown the most exceptional talent, initiative, commitment and consideration to the art of Music Recording and Production from LIPA's Sound Technology degree course.

A priceless part of this extremely prestigious Award’s prize is mentoring from some of the UK’s most respected producers and once again, Andrew has been bestowed the honour of one of these roles.
Budding sound engineer/producer Philip Cook is the second recipient of the Music Producers Guild Prize and the prize was presented by MPG Chairman Steve Levine and MPG Director Tony Platt during LIPA’s annual graduation ceremony, which took place on 29th July (2011). Also present was LIPA lead patron Sir Paul McCartney.

JULIA BIEL - Mix sessions

Singer/songwriter Julia Biel is known for her distinctive voice and expert compositional skills. Her debut album, Not Alone, released in 2006 was met with excellent reviews and her fans have long since waited for a follow up.

Well hopefully they won’t have to wait too much longer, as Andrew was recently approached by Julia to work on mixes for her new release.

BRIT'S - A second year in the Voting Academy

As another year comes to an end Andrew is pleased to continue his privileged relationship with the BPI by being asked to return as a member of the Brit’s Voting Academy. ‘Voting in the 2010 Awards was such a fantastic experience and I’m honoured to be asked back again’.

The voting comes to a close on December 15th 2010 and the 2011 Awards themselves will be televised in February.